Why One Day is unintentionally hilarious

One Day plays as an indie ode to When Harry Met Sally. It strives to be poignant, but instead I found myself laughing at the end.

It’s not a bad film. Not at all. However, there are two details that just made me laugh.


Both details related to the ending. Emma gets hit by a truck at the end. I’m sure it works well in the novel, but on screen anyone who’s seen a movie in the last decade has seen the sudden car crash play out before. It’s telegraphed well in advance in One Day, and when it happens you feel like it’s a cheap shot.

What made me laugh though was the pose Emma winds up in.

It looks dramatic and serious. This isn’t the exact shot from the film. In the film it’s an overhead shot that looks an awful lot like …

That killed it for me. That, and of course, the second reason.

The plot to One Day is basically the same as the Anthrax song Dallabnikufesin. It’s a joke ballad the group recorded for an EP in the ’90s.

Here are the lyrics.

We fell in love at first sight
I can’t explain the feelings
When I first saw you
We were so so happy
A life of love sweet honey child
You’ll always be mine
But then I played the fool
I never meant to hurt you
Or sleep with all your friends
We reconciled we found ourselves
Our love was meant to be
Oh baby can’t you see
You left me standing in the mud
Crying to myself
A heart so full of pain
But we fell in love again
This time forever
True love prevails over all
She got hit by a truck


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