How to save the Paranormal Activity franchise

The Paranormal Activity franchise continues to deliver, but after seeing the third one it’s hard to imagine a way to crank out a fourth without retreading old ground. Unless, of course, you’re me.

Paranormal Activity was never really designed to have sequels. The original ending had Katie dying shortly after Micah. However, when it was released Katie vanished instead leaving everyone who left the theater looking over their shoulder for a demonically possessed crazy lady with distracting cleavage.

PA 2 was both a prequel and a sequel brilliantly tying itself to the lore established in the first one. Unfortunately, it also left a big unanswered question. What happened to Katie and Hunter?

Unfortunately, PA3 didn’t really answer this question. Instead we got a mix of the first two films with a little bit of The Last Exorcism thrown in. It was, sheet not withstanding, the weakest of the three, especially with its ending.

So the question remains, how can the series continue? Do we get a 4th movie filmed with tripods and yet another husband filming every second of his life against his wife’s wishes? Can it be improved?


The answer is to embrace the format of existing paranormal reality shows like Syfy’s Ghost Hunters. You can use night vision, the static helmet cam reaction shot, and best of all we can finally move with our characters.

Our cast would remain small. There would be a couple with their son and a ghost hunting crew of three. The fictional show would be a mix of Ghost Hunters and World’s Scariest Places, having a regular family riding along with the hunters.

Our crew locks themselves in a school which has recently experienced paranormal activity. This way we can use all of the Ghost Hunter type cameras as well as school security cameras. I would have everything happen in real-time, and this time I might have a death or two before the end.

The twist would be near the end when you find out that the couple’s 9-year-old son is adopted. They call him Max after the husband’s father. But the boy’s real name is Hunter. Ooooooh scary! Or … whatever. It sounded good a minute ago.

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