NBC’s The Voice prepares for live competition

It must be great to be a Voice coach, one night of work drawn out for a month. To be honest, I actually did enjoy the more in-depth look at each contestant and the larger teams. But I’m glad to see the teams finalized for live competition.

You can read my original predictions here:

Team Adam

Karla Davis, Katrina Parker, Kim Yarbrough, Mathai, Pip and Tony Lucca fill out Adam’s team. It’s pretty close to what I predicted, though I had Orlando Napier and Angel Taylor picked instead of Mathai and Pip.

Adam’s probably going to regret losing Orlando the most. Though he may not be the most versatile, he would have probably been the most consistent. Adam probably should have paired him against Mathai.

Karla and Kim are his best chances to win, and I give Karla a slight edge. She will need a break through performance however.

Team Blake

Charlotte Sometimes, Erin Willett, Jermaine Paul, Jordis Unga, Naia Kete and RaeLynn won the Blake battles.

I had the same list replacing RaeLynn with Brian Fuente. RaeLynn was my wildcard pick though, so I’m calling this one a match.

Jermaine and Jordis are Blake’s best bets to win. I give Jermaine the edge with his experience. I still haven’t wrapped my head around his choice to sing Avril Lavigne for his audition. Hopefully he’ll keep throwing the judge’s curveballs when he gets a chance.

Team Cee Lo

Cheesa, Erin Martin, Jamar Rogers, James Massone, Juliet Simms and Tony Vincent rose to the challenge and comprise team Cee Lo.

I had Jamie Lono and Angie Johnson instead of Cheesa and James Massone.

Jamie just got bad luck with his battle against Jamar. Though Jamie wasn’t the strongest singer, he had good musical instincts. His Folsom Prison audition showed good potential. Cee Lo probably should have paired him against someone else.

Cee Lo simply chose the wrong singer in the Cheesa/Angie battle. Cheesa showed improvement in the battle, but Cee Lo will miss Angie’s versatility very soon.

Jamar and Tony are Cee Lo’s strongest singers. Jamar has the best chance to win, despite Tony being a better singer. Tony has image issues. He still works the stage like he’s on Broadway, and while that’s certainly entertaining, it doesn’t work for rock.

Tony is giving us Broadway’s version of rock, and that might not feel genuine to some. Still, Tony’s the guy I’m rooting for. HE just has a lot of work ahead of him.

Team Christina

Ashley De La Rosa, Jesse Campbell, Chris Mann, Lindsey Pavavo, Sera Hill and Moses Stone round out the rest of the field for Team Christina.

I had Monique Benabou picked instead of Moses, but Moses was my wild card. So I’m calling it accurate.

Christina made a huge mistake pairing Monique with Chris. Monique proved she deserved to make it to the live shows, and Chris got a few shots to his confidence. Monique’s vocal tenderness and texture might have taken her far.

The highlight of all four nights was watching The Line. It was like watching a SNL sketch. Clearly Leland and Hailey have some issues to work out. Leland clearly wanted to be more than writing partners, and Hailey used every opportunity to remind anyone in earshot that they were not dating.

The funniest moment was probably watching Leland ogling Hailey’s breasts while Jewel was talking, and the most uncomfortable was post-elimination when Hailey removed his hand form her shoulder.

Jesse and Chris are the best singers, but I think Jesse translates better. I expect Lindsey to hang around, especially if she chops all her hair off. She would do well with short, even hair. I call her Sara Jr. after Sara McLauchlin.

The Finals

As I look at what I’ve written above, I can’t see Jermaine, Jamar and Jesse all making it to the final four. There’s too much overlap. So I’m sticking with my original final four pick of Karla Davis, Jordis Unga, Jesse Campbell and Nosferatu with Tony winning.

My alternate pick would be Karla, Chris Mann, Jordis and Jamar with Jamar winning. I think the winner will definitely come from Team Cee Lo this year.

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