It’s A’Dieu to Lou on Celebrity Apprentice

It was an elimination that should have happened long ago. Lou Ferrigno finally got his walking papers from Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice.

For Team Unanimous the return of Aubrey was the only real story for the week. Arsenio’s explosion at the end of last week was definitely welcomed by the anti-Aubrey throngs, but the tirade didn’t earn him any style points either. The oddest part of the entire situation probably came from Lisa who shouted to the beloved talk show host about the dangers of hurting a reputation while Lisa has badly marred her own through multiple rants over the course of the season.

I have to give Aubrey credit for coming back at all. She had an easy out which she could have used to build sympathy. But for some reason, I don’t think she can willingly pass up screen time, especially when she can do a little damage control of her own by talking things out.

I don’t mean that to sound too cynical. Right now Celebrity Apprentice is a good lifeline for her career, and trashing celebrities isn’t exactly reprehensible. She still delivered my favorite line on the show. It was something along the lines of – You may not have bought a ticket, but you’re going to see the Debbie Gibson come back tour.

I think the real issue is that she just doesn’t see how self-involved she appears. As I predicted, she played the victim card on her return. Getting yelled at sucks, but not learning from that, not taking a moment for introspection, will continue to alienate the audience.

For Team Forte, it was business as usual. Lisa and Penn filled the tank. This week, Dyana did the steering. That didn’t leave much for Lou to do along the way. If two things had gone differently, Dyana would have gone home.

First, Team Forte overlooked a very simple concept that has brought doom to projects week after week. The clients clearly expect whatever presentations, products, etc. are created to include the celebrities on each team. They signed on to Celebrity Apprentice expecting celebrities to be in their crap.

If Lou had simply suggested this, either his team would have accepted that and likely won the contest or he would have been shot down and had good ammo for the boardroom.

Second, and most obvious, he should have rephrased his opinion of which commercial was better. He could have said, “There’s was more entertaining, but ours was more effective.” Any effort to distinguish between entertainment and adhering to the task might have saved him.

But Lou was already on borrowed time. Much like Aubrey his image issues built week after week within the other players, and there was just too much to overcome.

Paul and Penn remain the strongest players with Clay a close third. All three have managed to remain relatively cool and collected while contributing consistently. Lisa’s temper will be her undoing.

Dayana and Teresa will find it hard to stay afloat when not PMs.

Arsenio is a bit of a wild card. If Aubrey is PM, it could mean his end.

As for Aubrey, whether intentional or not, she’s deftly fed players to the chipping machine again and again. She could easily be around for a while longer. But she’s cultivated a lot of ill will from week to week.

Image issues are no joke. She’s already faced a bi-product from Arsenio. I doubt he would have exploded last week if he hadn’t heard the complaints week after week. He placed the blame on his emotional win, but make no mistake, he was looking for any excuse to put her in her place. (He said as much in an interview before the boardroom).


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