Surprises abound as Team Cee Lo and Team Adam battle on The Voice

It was showmanship vs. craftsmanship as the remaining teams did battle on The Voice. There were surprises from every corner as favorites faltered and the forgotten flourished.

For Team Adam it was tough going all night. Act after act was repeatedly overshadowed by Team Cee Lo’s theatrics. It may be tough for anyone on Adam’s team to really pull in the votes.

Katrina was the most interesting. Her take on “Tonight, Tonight” may not be loved by Smashing Pumpkins fans, but she delivered a solid performance. I’d much rather hear a new take on a song than a retread of the same-old standards we’re bored of hearing.

Tony Luccas’s performance was safe. On most nights that would be dangerous, but he really delivered at a time when so many other team members struggled. He has a good chance of nabbing a Top Three spot. And he’ll need to do just that to advance.

Mathai should also grab a good share of votes. She didn’t wow me, but she has an infectious smile, and her performance was relatively mistake free. Her song choice was a bit boring though, especially given the other gigantic performances of the night.

I think Karla, Pip and Kim will be in the bottom three, although Kim might outdistance Tony and slide through.

If it comes down to Karla, Pip and Kim. I expect Adam to save Kim. She has an amazing performance awaiting us, you can just feel that from her.

However, if Karla, Pip and Tony are in the bottom, I expect Karla to make it through. She has a great voice and simply fell victim to a bad song choice.

Pip wanted to showcase his rock side, but instead we got Clay Aiken Jr. I don’t see how Pip will make it to the next round.

On Team Cee Lo, things descended into chaos with some questionable song and performance choices.

Tony Vincent has been my guy from week one, but he had a rough time carrying Tears for Fears. His voice sounded out-of-place and inconsistent. He needed a showstopper, but we got something barely up to karaoke standards.

Erin Martin, was buried in a poor song choice, as well. Pound for pound she sang the least of all of the performers. She also had a tough time bringing power and energy to a girl rock anthem “Walk Like an Egyptian.” She was way out of her element.

Juliet and Jamar both staked a claim on the team’s top spot.

Juliet gave the best performance of the night, but it wasn’t flawless. The first section of “Roxanne” seemed too fast, and it wasn’t until the drums kicked in that things really moved along well. Still, Juliet’s voice was right where it needed to be, and I think she should move on easily.

Jamar’s take on Lenny Kravitz seemed needlessly elaborate. Jamar held some notes too long. He didn’t quite take advantage of the music breaks either. But it’s impossible not to root for Jamar. If anyone else was that positive all the time, I’d roll my eyes and head to the fridge, but his sincerity is moving. He has an excellent shot of taking it all, even if Juliet out-sings him.

James Massone is the wildcard in the competition. His performance wasn’t good. He had problems with the chorus. Yet, his stylish use of a letter-man jacket, a woman’s hairclip and Patrick Dempsy’s face may take him along for quite some time as well.

Erin and Tony will likely be competing with Chessa for the fourth spot on Cee Lo’s team. I expect Tony to make it through with a strong song tomorrow and his two excellent performances in the past round.

The winner of the night was Juliet. As long as she can keep people from noticing her resemblance to Ashlee Simpson (HINT: lose the bangs) she could very well win it all. She’s going to have to keep making great song choices, though.

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