Four remain for Voice finals

As the finals loom in the future, four contestants remain on NBC’s the Voice, and three were my front-runners from the very beginning.

Team Adam

I picked Tony and Katrina to survive the battle rounds, but I didn’t really expect either to make it to the semi-finals.

Tony was always good enough to stay afloat in the competition, but it wasn’t until he covered Britney Spears that he really began to stand apart. Everything about him screams Peter Gabriel 2, but I don’t think he’s going to win. Making it to the finals is an achievement.

Katrina was the only contestant who won the popular vote but was sent packing by a judge. Adam’s 10 point swing made the difference, and I think he made the right choice. Katrina had a slightly better voice, but Tony’s performance was much more fun to watch.

Katrina has definitely proven she has a future in music, but ironically it was everything but her voice that was the issue. A little seasoning on the road will do wonders for her.

Team Blake

Jermaine has been one of the top performers for Team Blake since day one. Once Blake lost his mind and sent Jordis home, there was really no one who stood a chance of beating out Jermaine.

Unfortunately, Jermaine isn’t quite there yet. He’s right on the edge. His biggest issue is that he needs to find a way to deal with that aggressive energy he present during and after performances. His fists or clenched. He’s almost pacing the stage. That can work for certain types of songs, but it can also kill anything meant to be tender.

I like Jermaine though. He is an enigma. His song choices have been bizarre, and I like to see molds dashed apart. I just don’t think we’ve seen exactly what kind of artist Jermaine wants to be.

Team Christina

Chris Mann is a difficult contestant for the voice. Sure, he sings wonderfully. Well, he sings opera wonderfully. But truthfully we have no real reference here. You could probably bring in any professional opera singer and have them blow most of the Voice contestants out of the water. He was a token genre-bender put in the blind auditions to get a reaction out of the judges.

The problem is Mann shouldn’t really be in the competition. He’s struggled with anything approaching our decade. His top two performances were Ave Maria and Bridge Over Troubled Water. He should definitely have a good, long career in opera.

His skills just don’t mesh with modern music… the vibrato, the bright tone. Maybe if he found the right songwriter he could do it, but after hearing samples from last year’s final four, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Chris could sneak in and win the competition with a powerful performance. People hear opera and assume whoever sings it must be good. So maybe he’ll get the caviar vote.

Team Cee Lo

Jamar was my front-runner from day one. I picked either Jamar or Tony from Team Cee Lo to win it all. Both fell victim to bad song choices.

Jamar’s energy and enthusiasm cracked open even the darkest hearts. He was never the best singer, but he could put everything together better than most of the other performers. Unfortunately, Juliet was freakin’ amazing.

Juliet didn’t just perform last night, she crafted an experience. There was a 118-minute episode of the voice that ended with a 2-minute Juliet Simms concert that outshined the entire evening.

Juliet should win it all. Her biggest danger is trying to top last night. That’s going to be tough, but then again I thought topping her version of Roxanne would be difficult. She managed to do it.

Not only is she the best this year, but she’s the best from both years put together.

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